Thyrocare Offers

Thyrocare is a home brand and one of the oldest and most trusted names in the diagnostic industry. They have been here for a very long time, building trust and confidence among the clients and its stakeholders. Thyrocare is known to be present in several cities providing top services expected from the brand. Thyrocare is used by many labs and hospital brands in India, the Middle East, and South East Asian nations to complete their menu and provide quality at a reasonable price.

Sanar Care is the biggest aggregator of top diagnostic centers in India. Thyrocare is a reliable name in the industry, and Sanar care makes sure you get complete accessibility to its top services.

Thyrocare Technologies

Thyrocare Technologies Limited is the first and most technologically advanced Automated Laboratory in India, with a significant presence in more than 2000 Indian cities, towns, and abroad. Thyrocare is the first fully automated diagnostic lab in India, focusing on giving hospitals and labs in India and other countries high-quality services at reasonable prices. For esoteric diagnostics, Thyrocare has a Centralized Processing Laboratory (CPL) in Mumbai, India, and Regional Processing Laboratories in important Asian locations. They put a lot of emphasis on strong systems, powerful brands, and strong technologies so that all laboratories may provide their customers with the finest in science and technology at a reasonable price.
Thyrocare was one of the first diagnostic laboratories in India to receive internationally recognized quality accreditations like the ISO 9001-2000 rating in 2001. This rating has since been upgraded to ISO 9001:2008, and in 2007, the laboratory received CAP (College of American Pathologists) certification.

Aarogyam A

Rs. 1,000 850

Aarogyam B

Rs. 1,200 1,020

Aarogyam X

Rs. 5,640 4,794

Aarogyam C

Rs. 1,600 1,360

Aarogyam XL

Rs. 6,000 5,100

Aarogyam 1.1

Rs. 1,600 1,360

Aarogyam 1.2

Rs. 1,800 1,530

Aarogyam 1.3

Rs. 2,900 2,465

Aarogyam 1.4

Rs. 3,360 2,856

Aarogyam 1.5

Rs. 3,600 3,060

Aarogyam 1.6

Rs. 4,200 3,570

Aarogyam 1.7

Rs. 4,800 4,080

Aarogyam 1.8

Rs. 5,040 4,284

Post Covid Care

Rs. 1,199 1,199

Aarogyam Female

Rs. 2,600 2,210

Aarogyam Male

Rs. 2,400 2,040


Rs. 1,000 -7,500

Hepatitis Panel

Rs. 5,000 4,250


Rs. 585 497

At Sanar care, we offer diagnostic options to patients from India's top diagnostic centers like Thyrocare.

Specialties of Thyrocare

Thyrocare Diagnostic Laboratory unquestionably plays a distinctive function in the market. The turnaround time (TAT) for test results is the quickest in this situation. Thyrocare has maintained an unmatched professional and credible reputation over the past 20 years. Here, services like free home sample collection are made available to senior residents and anyone unable to travel to a pathology lab for any other reason. Online test results are immediately accessible and made available at Thyrocare.

In contrast to other medical diagnostic labs, even pricey services like a full body examination with vitamins are only available for 850 rupees, making it very accessible to the general public. Thyrocare does not provide doctors commission; thus, this is possible. The blood test rates are lower than average for this reason.

Thyrocare was the first laboratory in India to have a fully automated diagnostic laboratory that is IT enabled 24 hours a day and ensures error-free processing of over 100,000 specimens and over 4,000,00 Clinical Chemistry investigations per night. A combination of IT-enabled, barcoded, bi-directional systems and air-cargo logistics allows one to handle orders in as little as 4 to 8 hours, which is unequaled in the industry.

SanarCare is the ideal option for all your diagnostic requirements as it provides a variety of medical examinations and services under one roof at the most reasonable price. Call us to schedule an appointment. Don't hesitate to contact us by phone at +91 7042148149 or email at to schedule an appointment.


Thyrocare sets the bar by offering inexpensive thyroid and LDL-bad cholesterol tests and pricey test packages, allowing them to penetrate the market at the most basic levels fully. Thyrocare stands out for its efforts to develop and maintain compliance with international standards for the greatest service delivery at the most reasonable costs.